Brad McQuaid reveals more about his upcoming MMO project

By Tam Mageean
brad mcquaid update

Last month, Brad McQuaid, co-designer of MMORPG EverQuest and ex-Sony Online Entertainment asset revealed that he was working on a "Sekret" MMO, and that more would be revealed soon. Speculation exploded, with news of SOE team-ups, EverQuest tie-ins and licensing deals, the internet was left completely dumbfounded by his simple statement.

After weeks and weeks of silence, McQuaid reared his head today; answering questions, dropping clues and stirring EverQuest fans everywhere into a frenzy. Brad McQuaid's twitter reveals his future MMO plans somewhat cryptically. Here's a breakdown of some of the clues:

A photograph of a moped's kick-starter - Brad has revealed that the tech and funding has been established, and that the game will be crowd-funded by a Kickstarter campaign, with a pitch video already in the making. The Kickstarter Campaign should be ready to launch in around 3 weeks time.

Brad McQuaid Twitter

Aradune's email address - Aradune was Brad McQuaid's EverQuest alter-ego. Could Aradune be getting his own title? His email address is being used as an open question and answer mailbox, so be sure to send Aradune any questions about the game...and forward the answers on to us of course!

Name drops - The Sekret MMO was compared with Everquest 1 and Vanguard, with emphasis on the fantasy element, hoping to be challenging and niche.

We're still left with baited breath sadly, but in 3 weeks time, hopefully, Brad will have painted a better picture for us all.


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