Brad McQuaid unveils God-King Oranthel art for top-secret MMO

By Michael Jamias
brad mcquaid mmo god king oranthel

Older MMO fans will remember Brad McQuaid as a key designer of Everquest and Vanguard.

He dropped off the radar after the disappointing Vanguard launch, but has recently re-surfaced to work again on both games and even hint at a new top-secret MMO he is working on.

McQuaid tweeted the pic below which he identified as Oranthel, God-King of Skyfen, and most probably a central character in his upcoming online rpg.

A concept art of Oranthel, God-King of Skyfen

Drawn by concept artist James Rochelle, the art shows a fully armored man sitting on a sculptured throne. Notably, images of horned beasts have been carved on the throne, suggesting the god-king is ruling over a savage land.

On his left hand, Oranthel holds a giant sword with blue inscription.

Other videogame media outlets like Massively have commented that the blue eyes of Oranthel are reminiscent of Dune, where blue eyes were also a prominent part of the lore. Then again this might be entirely coincidental.

McQuaid has said that the name will be released once the MMO has launched its Kickstarter campaign this month. By then we'll know whether or not the game is based on Dune or an entirely new fantasy universe.

The Kickstarter site will also contain "very early game footage" that should reveal more about the world and game mechanics of Brad McQuaid's new MMO.


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