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Top five old school mmo features we want back
A lot of older mmo gamers lament the passage of time, believing that the online games of today lack challenge, sophistication, and individuality. Developers love to tout the latest technological innovations when it comes time to promote their games, but have games really progressed and evolved over the last two decades? While I hate a number of old school mmo features, such as corpse runs, there were some incredible systems within those games tha...
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May 11 2017
John Smedley joins Amazon Game Studios
The last eighteen months have been quite eventful for John Smedley. The online rpg legend who helped create EverQuest was the victim of a notorious hacking group and then left Daybreak Games Company (formerly SOE), of which he was president and CEO. He then formed his own company, Pixelmage Games, which he shut down a month ago. Now he's back in a big way as news that John Smedley joins Amazon Game Studios has been released.John Smedley has j...
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Feb 15 2017
Are you suffering from mmo addiction?
Online gaming has never been more popular, and that popularity seems to increase exponentially every year. The dizzying ascent of eSports, the deluge of mobile games offered, and the increasing cross-platform capability of quite a few games all helped fuel this massive influx of online gaming. Yet because it seems that there always has to be some bad along with the good, it appears that mmorpg addiction is becoming an even greater health issue th...
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May 12 2016
everquest anniversary
If there are any old school mmo fans out there that needed some validation that they've been around the block in the gaming world, the fact the EverQuest is planning its seventeenth anniversary should be an alarm bell. If EverQuest were a person, it'd be rebelling against its parents, staying out late and getting a fake ID at this point. The fact that EverQuest is at such an age and still going is pretty impressive and it sure isn't showing any...
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Mar 10 2016
Can mmo progression servers rekindle the magic?
Nostalgia can be an extremely powerful lure, especially as one gets older. I've seen people get fired up over watching cartoons or listening to music from the 1980s. Nostalgia can be seen by the numerous movies that have come out over the last decade based upon hit TV shows of the past, and there are even more on the horizon. The world of mmorpg games is not immune to this phenomenon, which is quite evident in the creation of the mmo progression ...
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Dec 09 2015
EverQuest true box progression server announced
Many old school mmo gamers are looking to recreate their original adventures from long ago. This has led to quite a few older games releasing progression servers to varying degrees of success. EverQuest has already put their toe in the pool, so to speak, but they've decided to take another plunge that includes a twist. Daybreak Game Company announced the upcoming EverQuest true box progression server called Phinigel. This new server will launch o...
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Nov 24 2015
everquest the broken mirror release
Players can now battle a vengeful goddess that is attempting to plunge the Everquest world in a veil of ruinous conflict with the release of The Broken Mirror expansion. Everquest's The Broken Mirror expansion is the 22nd for the mmorpg and its core storyline focuses on the heroic fight against Anashti Sul, a deranged goddess hell-bent on obtaining supreme power and dominion over Norrath at all costs. To do, she weaves a dangerous plot that will...
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Nov 18 2015
EverQuest and EverQuest 2 expansions announced
It seems that you just can't fight history. The EverQuest franchise of mmorpg games are known for their many quality expansions, but it appeared that said expansions were going to be phased out. After SOE was sold off and became Daybreak Game Studio, they announced that expansions were going to be phased out in favor of smaller "campaigns." Now comes word that players can now expect both EverQuest and EverQuest 2 expansions coming soon.Holly ...
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Sep 15 2015
Second EverQuest progression server added
You have to hand it to old school gamers. When EverQuest decided to create a progression server, which opened last week, the response from the game's fans was ecstatic. Gamers could relive their glory days of yesteryear as the could play the online rpg in its original state, to be followed by the eventual release of the expansions. So many players have flocked to take part that Daybreak Games has announced that they are adding a second EverQuest ...
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May 27 2015


Man quits job to play EverQuest progression server
Old school gamers salivate at the mere thought of returning to those glory days of yesteryear. Most old time EverQuest players have already circled the date of May 20th on their calendars as that's the day that the online rpg is returning to its roots. One rabid fan has gone so far as to quit his job so he can focus his commitment on playing nonstop on the EverQuest progression server that goes live on that fateful day.The EverQuest player in...
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May 18 2015