Not One, but Two EverQuest Projects in the Works

By Josh Wirtanen
Two EverQuest Projects in the Works

We were all waiting with bated breath for SOE to tell us what they had in store for the EverQuest series at their presentation today, and most of us were expecting some information about EverQuest Next. What we didn't expect, though, was the announcement of yet another EverQuest project.

Yes, SOE today revealed that EverQuest Next Landmark is also in development.

It's probably not fair to truly call Landmark an entirely new game, because it's more like a creative toolset players can use to alter the world of Norrath in EverQuest Next. See, the world is entirely destructible and rebuild-able, and Landmark is playing an important role in keeping that destruction and creation in the hands of players. In fact, a lot of outlets are already comparing this to Minecraft, so think of it in those terms. Your head just exploded, didn't it?

EverQuest Next is shaking up the MMO gameplay formula in more ways than just it's creation tools, though. There's also it's level-less class mix-and-match system, which allows you to pick traits and skills from over 40 classes and customize the sort of character you want to play.

EverQuest Next Landmark will be out later this year. We don't have a launch date yet for EverQuest Next proper, but it sounds like SOE is going to let Landmark players have an unparalleled amount of say in what goes into the final game. Both EverQuest Next and EverQuest Next Landmark will be free to play.

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