SOE Live 2013 recap: Everquest Next and other big reveals

By Michael Jamias
everquest next soe live reveals

Read all about Everquest Next's exciting features and other major announcements made during last week's SOE Live 2013.

SOE Live 2013 dumped an overload of never-before-known Everquest Next features and systems. We learned the first five confirmed Everquest Next classes coming to the upcoming next-gen MMO sequel: Rogue, Warrior, Tempest, Blademaster and Wizard. This is but a sampling of the more than 40 classes that will eventually unlock for fans as they progress into the game.

Armor will be basically limited to five-piece sets but extremely customizable, assured developers. Combat will allow for player killing but balanced to avoid griefing. Roles will be quite flexible, and combat content will be made so that no specific role or class will be required to win a fight.

Developers also made the eye-widening announcement that Everquest Next will have a related building MMO, Everquest Next Landmark, which will focus on freeform construction. Buildings and homes from Everquest Next might then be transferred by players to their Everquest Next accounts, which makes for a compelling and creation-based synergy.

PlanetSide 2 is preparing to pump out its new swamp-themed Hossin map, which will serve as one of the most central zones for the mmofps, and should hit the test server very soon. Developers also revealed that the Battle Island: Nexus, along with other battle islands, can host more than a hundred players at a time and should go live before 2013 ends.

Meanwhile, Everquest 2 will be giving out its Destiny of Velious expansion for free, which should delight free rpg fans who can now obtain level 85 Heroic characters and a spread of new content without having to spend a single cent.


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