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By Tam Mageean
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The monthly update VLog is up for EverQuest Next, and Terry Michaels, Lead Producer at on the team talks us through some of the updates that we can expect to see in the coming weeks, and gives us some behind the scenes glances at their production process.

EverQuest Next Landmark advancements were the focal point of this week's discussion. Landmark is a free-to-play MMO that almost stands separate from EverQuest Next; providing EQ players with a sandbox-style building tool where you can share your own virtual worlds with other EverQuest players. Build alone, or in a team, and take part in creation competitions, where the best builds get a chance to become permanent fixtures in EverQuest Next.

Everquest Next Landmark screenshot

Michaels went on to announce their first live-stream, which will open their Round Table discussions to a wider audience tomorrow. This week you will be able to ask questions and post ideas with Terry Michaels, Colette Murphy and Omeed Dariani from 4pm PST on the EverQuest twitch channel. The Round Table sessions, up until now, have been simply put out as response videos, and hopefully, by going live, the Developers will get to see direct reactions from the fans and get a better picture of what EQ fans hope to see.

Lastly, he announced another novella describing some of the new EverQuest back-story. The EverQuest novellas are free to download PDFs and lovingly weave an added dimension into the game. The next story will be written be Robert Lassen, and will precede his popular Fall of Bastion plot; hopefully giving us a glimmer of our protagonist, Coralen's brighter days.


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