Everquest Next Landmark timelapse videos are a builder's dream

By Michael Jamias
everquest next landmark timelapse videos

Everyone who still doubts Everquest Next Landmark's build-and-create premise should watch this trio of videos.

Everquest Next Landmark was revealed a couple of weeks ago during SOE Live 2013 as the stand-alone freeform construction MMO that will be linked to the Everquest Next adventure rpg game. Players will be able to construct almost anything to their hearts' desires, and be able to transfer their creations from Everquest Next Landmark into Everquest Next.

While the focus of discussion has been in designing houses and items, three new timelapse videos confirm to fans that they can also terraform entire environments into their dream fantasy locations.

The first video takes us through the process of transforming a plain mountain section into a desert path leading into a cave hovel.

The second video shows the startling change from a grassy field into an ancient forest ruin, filled with arching gateways, stone pillars and ambient shadow lighting to give the secret grove a mysterious, forgotten-by-time feel to it.

The third and last video is the most massive-scaled project among the three, requiring a total of three hours to carve out an almost palatial shelter from a craggy mountain face.

These three Everquest Next Landmark timelapse videos should entice players to start thinking about the possibilities of turning barren environments into luscious landscapes using the game's seemingly extensive building and design tools.


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