EverQuest Next is, well, Everquest Next

By Jeffrey Davis
Everquest Next title is official

EverQuest fans need not wait until SOE Live before the next chapter in the MMORPG franchise is officially named, as Sony Online Entertainment has made it just that. In this case, EverQuest Next is... well, EverQuest Next. In other words, they took the game's working title, and will be carrying that over into the final game rather than going for the usual and picking EverQuest III.

The tidbit comes from a Twitter question posed to the development team just weeks in advance of the big Sony Online Entertainment gathering for which development team member David Georgeson responded with the following:

[Twitter ID censored for privacy] its official. "EverQuest Next"!

Talk about sending out the hounds. And on top of that, Mr. Georgeson is not just part of the development team for EverQuest games, but also the head honcho thereof. Which in layman's terms means that this guy is the director of the entirety of the EverQuest franchise itself! So obviously this guy would know exactly what he's talking about, if you analyze the matter from that particular angle. And every fan of the EverQuest franchise probably expected that it wouldn't be until the corporate confab before we knew just what the final name would be... and yet here we are with the probverbial marbles and beans dumped out across the kitchen floor.

Now obviously this is not the first time we've seen a working title carry over to the final product in this entire industry, and it probably won't be the last one either. But rest assured that we'll have continuing coverage of EverQuest III... uh, EverQuest Next, here on MMO Play.


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