4 new EverQuest Next classes revealed

By Tam Mageean
everquest next classes

In another bit of retro news; a gaming magazine has managed to pick up a gaming exclusive! Since the advent of digital journalism and social broadcasting, it has been hard for game developers to keep things a secret. However, the upcoming MMORPG, EverQuest Next has done just that, and given a nod to traditional media, and given us all a nostalgic buzz, revealing 4 new classes in a magazine exclusive.

UK periodical, PC Gamer Magazine have described the 4 new EverQuest Next classes in one of their latest articles, which can be found in their Christmas 2013 Edition, and reveals their names and traits.

The four new classes are Cleric, Necromancer, Beast Lord, and Tempest and were roughly described as follows:

Cleric - A support class that can wield either a Hammer/Shield combo, or a slower, more deadly, two-handed hammer. Clerics and provide environmental support, such as buffs and protection enchantments, and will also have some powerful elemental projectiles to boot.

Necromancer - A summoner class with it's own beastly construct in tow. The construct will reflect the performance of its master, and will be used on the battlefield to assist in the resurrection and summoning of the Necromancer's other-realmly powers.

Beast Lord - Rocking a Spear or a flail, this is a more light-hearted summoner class that draws forth the fluffy-but-deadly wildlife from nearby to trample unruly foes.

Tempest - A dual-bladed, close-quarters acrobat, with the ability to speak to the skies, and attract with wind and lightning at its command.

The Beast Lord and Necromancer had been hinted at in other promotional material, but this is the first solid confirmation of the classes, and gives us a helpful jump on how the new MMO will play out. The use of summoners in more recent times on EverQuest 2 and now the news of 2 more summoner classes indicate that there'll be a lot more going on in battle than simply swords and spells.

With this new info, who are you likely to play as in EverQuest Next? Let us know in the comments below!


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