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By Tam Mageean
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The upcoming chapter in EverQuest's expansive MMORPG saga, EverQuest Next has seen player-polls at its Round Table throughout its development, to ensure the final product is one for the fans. However, the latest question, along with Sony Online Entertainment's decision, has caused some controversy amongst the dungeon crawling masses.

The developers have announced that, despite 57% of the online community wanting a form of limiting race/class combinations, they will be going through with a multi-class format; allowing players of any race to select any class for the first time in EverQuest's history.

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EverQuest Next is going to feature an impressive 40 classes, and the developers feel it would be unfair for players to have to commit to a race, and be deprived of certain classes, styles and items for the duration of the game, simply because of a decision they made at the start of the game, before they had even played. It's a fair argument, but many purists, who are interested in maintaining EverQuest's traditional D&D style lore, feel it could lead to players creating "unrealistic" combinations that may spoil the fantasy RPG element of the game. With a large percentage of EQ players adopting a true role-play playing style; talking and acting in-character while they play, this choice may be deterring news.

The controversy falls both ways though, and the decision has also received a very positive reception from players who had previously felt restricted. The ability to freely switch between all classes will allow players to fully experience the game as a single race, without having to re-roll.

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What do you guys think? Will this decision improve or hinder the game? Also, if you like the decision; what kind of combinations are you looking forward to trying? Ogre-Wizard? Gnome-Knight? Answers below!


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