Everquest Next News

EverQuest Next cancelled
It was just a few short years ago that mmo gamers were filled with excitement over the announcement of EverQuest Next being developed. The game was going to be filled with next-generation features but also make a return to the glorious days of yesteryear in terms of community and immersion. Then news about the game's development slowed and then eventually dried up. SOE was sold off and became Daybreak Games, and the face of the EverQuest franchis...
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Mar 11 2016
John Smedley steps down as Daybreak Game Studios CEO
It seems that the Daybreak Game Studios soap opera will never end. The company made news when it was sold off by Sony and changed its name from Sony Online Entertainment to its current moniker. Then there was the departures of some high profile personnel, and lately CEO John Smedley found himself tangling with the Lizard Squad hacker group as one of its members phoned in a bomb threat to the plane he was flying on. The long-time mmorpg developer ...
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Jul 23 2015
Lizard Squad hacker convicted of over 50,000 charges
Hackers are a constant frustration to online gamers. Many mmo games have had their services interrupted due to denial-of-service attacks, and one key hacking group associated with such activities is the Lizard Squad. This group was responsible for taking down the Xbox Live and the PlayStation Network over the holiday season last year. More recently, the group sent in a bomb threat to an airline that was carrying John Smedley, the CEO of Daybreak ...
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Jul 09 2015
Is no EverQuest Next release this year a good thing?
When SOE announced that they were working on an EverQuest Next mmorpg a few years ago, old school gamers went into a frenzy. The players of the EverQuest franchise are a devoted and passionate lot, and many feel that online games have slipped quite a bit in quality since those halcyon days of yore. A few years passed as more information was released, thus whetting the appetites of eager fans. However, a recent Producer's Letter has said that the ...
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Jul 05 2015
Saddened by Storybricks closure
One of the most important features in mmo games is immersion. Whenever I log into a virtual fantasy realm, I want to be transported out of my mundane, everyday existence into one that is full of adventure, danger, and riches. However, the promise of mmo immersion has never fully been realized as, no matter what the player does, the world essentially stays the same, and the inhabitants continue to interact with them in the same old static way. Tha...
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Mar 11 2015
Storybricks shuts down
It's often said that innovation is rewarded, but that's not always true. Timing is also crucial as has been shown many times in the past where innovative products were released before the public was ready to accept them. It's this thought that comes to mind when the news broke of Storybricks closing down for good. This is a shame as their work showed so much promise for the development of mmo games to become even more immersive. The news of the ...
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Mar 04 2015
What does the departure of Dave Georgeson mean for the EverQuest franchise?
It's rather amazing how quickly things can change. Just a few weeks ago, the only news about Sony Online Entertainment was the ongoing development of Landmark and EverQuest Next. Then, without warning, came the news that SOE had been sold off to an investment management company by the name of Columbus Nova. The move came with a name change for SOE to Daybreak Game Studio. Then the other shoe dropped when just about ten days later the company rele...
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Feb 25 2015
EverQuest Next releases From Ash Comes Fire eBook
There's just something about playing an mmorpg that has an incredibly deep and rich lore behind it. The EverQuest franchise are games of that caliber, and, over the years, a richly detailed history has been created. Now players can immerse themselves further into the parallel world of Norrath that with the latest EverQuest Next eBook titled " From Ash Comes Fire." This novella is set in the time after the Dragon War, the epic war that has been de...
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Aug 01 2014
Looking forward to EverQuest Next
If there's one mmorpg that many gamers have fond memories of, it's the original EverQuest. This was the online game that many of us older players cut our teeth on, and it's a testament to the game that it's still being played fifteen years after it first launched. This is even more remarkable as there's a sequel, EverQuest II. Even if the player has moved on to other games, adventuring in Norrath still holds a special place in their hearts. ...
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Jun 02 2014
everquest next landmark closed beta
The Everquest Next Landmark closed beta is nearly upon us, arriving on Wednesday, March 26. Closed beta registration is ongoing for this sandbox free to play mmo where you can build and explore to your heart's content across Norrath, a breathlessly expansive fantasy rpg world. Signing up gives you a chance to obtain a time-limited, seven-day Everquest Next closed beta key.If you don't want to leave things up to chance or want to savor the co...
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Mar 21 2014