Everquest 2 rolls out Tears of Veeshan expansion

By Michael Jamias
everquest 2 tears of veeshan launches

Everquest 2 Tears of Veeshan, the classic online rpg's 10th expansion, is here and we're ready to drink in its dragon-filled awesomeness.

The $39.99 Tears of Veeshan Standard Edition unlocks the path to the new overland realm called Eternal Broodlands. There in the long-forgotten graveyard of the dragons trouble stirs anew led by the ambitious Kerafyrm the Awakened.

As a fantasy mmorpg hero, you won't fight the risen draconic army unprepared. You can power up your characters with new dragon-themed Alternative Advancements or even grind up a new Channeler class hero in time to raid for the fresh endgame dungeons. The Channeler wields a bow, uses intercept healing mechanics, and summons Construct pets to do his or her bidding.

Quests also figure prominently into the content push this expansion, with dozens of brand new adventures and stories that deepen your exploration of the ancient dragon lands. Needless to say, an impressive spread of items have been scattered across all the content for you to collect and use against the rising threat.

The Tears of Veeshan Collector's Edition is still available, offering more exclusive goodies than the standard basic box such as the Ethernere Enclave Prestige Home, Darkcrow Etherwing mount, Tears of Veeshan painting, Shissar Custodian Plushie and a HR gain boost potion.


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