Everquest 2: Tears of Veeshan marks milestone 10th expansion

By Michael Jamias
everquest 2 tears of veeshan

Sony Online Entertainment has revealed Everquest 2: Tears of Veeshan, the 10th expansion to its fantasy mmorpg sequel.

The developer said the upcoming Everquest 2 expansion will include an immersive overland dragon realm filled with "adventure, amenities, quests, collections and more!"

Dragon-themed AAs will also be available in keeping with the new realm, with the AA limit raised anew to 340. Fans can also expect a brood of quests, from Signature to story to point-of-interest and dropped quests, to missions and collections.

Nine new dungeons are also slated to put heroes through the combat wringer. With the variety of challenges increasing with every expansion, developers will also roll out new itemization focused on flexibility to better cater to every class build or raid comp.

New players or re-rollers can explore the potential of the new Channeler class. Finally, new tradeskill apprentice items and a new PvP item tier are sure to make fans glued to their computer seats.

Everquest 2: Tears of Veeshan is scheduled to release later this year. The milestone is doubly precious for Sony Online Entertainment as it will launch together with Everquest: Call of the Forsaken, the 20th expansion for its seminal online rpg. Combined, the two Everquest games have 30 expansions between them, which is notably the most ever for an mmo and its sequel.


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