Everquest 2 previews new zones in Chains of Eternity expansion

By Michael Jamias
everquest 2 obol chains of eternity zone preview

This sneak peek video gives us a tour around Obol Plains and Eidolon Jungle.

In this video voiced by a quarter of Everquest 2 developers and artists, we get to understand how the new overland zones for the free online rpg are different from the existing ones.

From stark white landscapes to blue-purple skies, the afterlife in Norrath is decidedly strange. There’s a distinct lack of warmth in the environments, which is in keeping with the afterlife theme of the upcoming Everquest 2 expansion.

“We really focused on the ethereal nature of the environments,” said mmorpg environment artist Maria del Casion. “Definitely not normal. So we picked a color palette that wasn’t the traditional green and yellow. We moved more on the blues and purples to give it a look that wasn’t quite real.”

Obol Plains and Eidolon Jungle along with the rest of the spirit realm of Ethernere will be activated with the coming of Chains of Eternity, the ninth full expansion for the long-running fantasy rpg from SOE. Chains of Eternity will also raises the level cap, as well as introduce new prestige abilities, gear, dungeons and quests.


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