Everquest 2 introduces Winged Meatbeast flying mount

By Michael Jamias
everquest 2 meatbeast flying mount

If you think the Meatbeast was amazing, wait till you see its new winged cousin and babies flying into the fantasy mmorpg this summer!

Instead of describing this latest herd of brilliantly bizarre mounts, we'll just show you the Everquest 2 winged Meatbeast in its glorious flight form:

The Meatbeast mount was let loose in the online rpg around the same time last year by the same tag-team artist duo featured in the video, Tom Tobey and Christopher Atkins. The hilariously absurd raptor-in-a-cow-skin mount  proved to be favorite among Everquest 2 fans who gobbled it up and brought a sweet stream of cash shop sales to the studio.

This Everquest 2 Meatbeast with wings hopes to replicate or even exceed the popularity of the original, and even multiply the sales with the introduction of related babies for you to collect.

The Winged Meatbeast has a lot going for it. First is being a flying mount, which makes for a more convenient ride than its land-running predessor. Second is the funny proportions with the mount sporting petite wings that can magically lift the mount's hefty body.

If the Meatbeast with wings failed to impress you, well, how cute were those fluttering babies? Do you plan to collect them or are you just eyeing the winged Meatbeast? Let us know in the comments.


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