The Heroes Festival has returned to EverQuest II

By Tam Mageean
everquest 2 heroes

Norrath is once again alive with parties and tales of heroism as players of EverQuest II prepare for the Annual Heroes Festival.

In the MMORPG's lore: Many years ago, the moon of Lucin exploded, defacing Norrath's terrain and tearing it into what are now known as the Shattered Lands; islands forever divided. The triumph of the Norrathian people became the fabric of legend, as they gathered what was lost in the treacherous, new oceans; and the Heroes Festival was born, in their honor. Solidifying them in EverQuest II's history books.

A series of quests will accompany the festival, with completionists earning the "Badge of Heroics" for accomplishing all challenges. Helping out with the festivities will earn you Tokens of Heroism, which can be traded for exclusive rewards.

Your help is needed all across the realm; from providing the party entertainment, to preparing for the feasts at both Qeynos and Freeport. Tokens are up for grabs for budding party-starters.

In a unique twist, you'll be able to take part in one of Thumor D'armer's dream sequences, vanquishing the dream's mischievous inhabitants and collecting shards of an imperial portrait.

Lastly, a collectors mission will be made available, with "samples of destiny" scattered across the 2 celebratory ports with a Luclin tapestry up for grabs for successful seekers.

EverQuest 2 Heroes Festival rewards

The festival is making its way to the MMO tomorrow, November 15th, and will run until November 25th.


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