Everquest 2 unlocks new features for free and silver members

By Michael Jamias
everquest 2 expanded features free silver members

The free to play mmo loosens up the restrictions it previously had for free and silver members, now allowing them to roll any class and race.

Everquest 2 director of development David Georgeson said that free and silver members previously got the short end of the stick, having to bear with class and race restrictions as well as a few other gameplay limitations compared to paying gold members.

Here is the complete list of unlocked features for free and silver members:

-    All classes available except for the Beastlord class that is accessible only via the Age of Discovery expansion pack
-    All races available except for the Freeblood race that is an cash shop-only option.
-    Use of all bag slots.
-    Use of Shared bank slots.
-    Use of entire quest journal

Georgeson also addressed the hanging question in the air: Why even bother keeping all the other restrictions and not make the game entirely a free rpg?

He said that gold members still need to feel the value of their recurring membership payment that opens up everything that EQ 2 has to offer while free and silver members are meant to pay “a la carte” for features they want to unlock. There is also a limit to the power of free memberships before it becomes abused by opportunistic individuals, which the development team wants to avoid at all costs.


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