Everquest 2: Darkness Dawns update goes live

By Michael Jamias
everquest 2 darkness dawns update releases

Fabled dungeons and Arena of the Gods are just two of the cool new features emerging from Everquest 2 Game Update 67 Darkness Dawns.

The long-running mmorpg churns out another content-packed patch which continues the tale of the oracles that has so gripped Everquest 2 players for the better part of the year.

According to developers' teaser descriptions, the oracles continue to see dark clouds on the horizon even after the New Combine army clinched victory in Cobalt Scar. Norrathians will now have to stand vigil guarding the Tear of Veeshan, a freshly dug up artifact that will turn the tides of war – unless the enemy gets a hold of it.

The update title, Darkness Dawns, refers to the growing threat of the dark army of the Awakened. Watch the trailer below:

Game Update 67 rolls out nine god avatars that can be used in the arena. Meanwhile, long-time rpg fans will rejoice at the convenience of the new Character Advancement Templates.

The update also opens four fabled Desert of Flames dungeons, providing a blistering challenge for endgame players in the fantasy online rpg. Developers said these dungeons were re-made specifically for the max-level crowd, and will offer upgrade gear that should make it appealing to re-visit them.


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