Everquest 2 producer's letter previews Darkness Dawns update

By Michael Jamias
everquest 2 darkness dawns preview

Several features have been revealed for the Everquest 2 Darkness Dawns update.

Talking in her latest letter to fans, Everquest 2 senior producer Holly Longdale said that the 67th game update for the long-running mmorpg will introduce new fabled dungeons. Darkness Dawns goes live July 30.

A total of five dungeons taken from the very first Everquest 2 expansion, "Desert of Flames", will be updated with high-level content and loot. These include the Clefts of Rujark, The Djinn Masters Prism, Scornfeather’s Roost, and Pedestal of Sky.

The free online rpg is also getting a new story quest line that continues the plot from April's Scars of the Awakened update.

Other features that have been confirmed for the Darkness Dawns update are new Character Advancement Templates or CATs that is envisioned to make it easier for players to decide on where to spend their points between Adventure, Tradeskill Alternate Advancement, and Prestige abilities.

Character Advancement Templates allow a player to select fully completed character builds that will spend advancement and ability points as they are earned. Each character will have access to pre-built templates, and best of all will be free to use and exchange should you want to switch templates.

The MMORPG will also see three new Contested Avatar raids as well as the opening of the Arena of the Gods, a 24-man raid instance that pits each of the 9 avatars against a full team. Killing the avatars rewards powerful loot. The encounters can essentially be farmed as much as players want, although there is a 3-day lockout for rewards.



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