Everquest 2 News

EverQuest 2 Kunark Ascending pre-order
There are few mmorpg games that can boast the breadth of content that EverQuest II contains. The venerable online game has a full dozen expansions under its belt, not to mention the release of several adventure packs before that. Now the thirteenth expansion is slated to launch for the game on November 15th, and players can now pre-order the EverQuest II Kunark Ascending expansion.Players can choose one of three different formats of the EverQ...
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Oct 10 2016
EverQuest 2 Producer's Letter for February 2016
If there's one thing that gets mmo players excited about the near future of the online game that they're playing is the promise of new content. Having new monsters to slay, new dungeons to delve into, new enemies to defeat, and new quests to undertake should make any computer adventurer raise their flagon in a toast. The latest EverQuest 2 producer's letter teases such tidings in the form of new content coming to the venerable mmo in the upcoming...
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Feb 22 2016
everquest 2 terrors of thalumbra release
MMO adventurers can now dive into the depths of Norrath where the sprawling, subterranean realm of Thalumbra has opened its gates with promises of lost treasures and whirlpools of treachery. The Everquest 2 Terrors of Thalumbra expansion has been released, making it the 12th expansion for the online rpg sequel and the first to be released under Daybreak Game Studio.Thalumbra is a subterranean overland zone that heroes can explore, uncovering...
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Nov 18 2015
EverQuest 2 celebrates 11th anniversary
In this day and age of online gaming, it's no small feat for an mmo to last four or five years. The competition for the gaming enjoyment of players is incredibly fierce with new online games being released on an almost weekly basis. That's why it's noteworthy to highlight the EverQuest 2 11th anniversary and to give them a respectful bow for accomplishing such a deed.The fact that players and developers are celebrating an eleventh EverQuest 2...
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Nov 03 2015
Why we love the thought behind the new EverQuest expansions
Expansions are an incredibly vital component of the continued success of individual mmorpg games. An expansion breathes new life into an online game with the addition of new content and features. Without them, players would stay stuck in the same old rut as they relentlessly follow the same tired path of daily quests and raids. EverQuest was the original mmo that really pioneered the use of expansions, and players of the EverQuest franchise lamen...
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Oct 27 2015
everquest 2 terrors of thalumbra preorder
Players can now pre-order the Everquest 2 Terrors of Thalumbra expansion to secure the bonuses that come with being an early bird buyer.Each Everquest 2 Terrors of Thalumbra pre-order will unlock the Altar of the Ancients, a mysterious house object that grants a daily scaling benefit to adventurers and tradeskillers, including a stackable bonus to all tradeskill, adventure and AA experience gain. Even better, upon the expansion's release, th...
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Oct 05 2015
EverQuest 2 preclude event for Sundered Ground begins
Daybreak Game Studio is working to get mmo players excited about the upcoming EverQuest 2 expansion, Sundered Ground. Starting today, there is a special EverQuest 2 preclude event that will run up until the release of the Sundered Ground expansion on November 3rd. Gamers can play through the content and pick up some Primordial Malice Baubles that can be used to pick up special event items for a limited time.The community relations manager pos...
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Sep 24 2015
Should mmos emulate the EverQuest 2 prison server?
It's probably not a good testament to the human spirit that whenever something new is created, others instantly begin looking for loopholes or ways to gain an unfair advantage in that area. There have been cheaters and hackers that have plagued online gaming ever since the first mmorpg was nothing but text characters. Now cheaters are more elaborate in how they perpetuate their shenanigans, but the result is that every single online game will see...
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Aug 29 2015
everquest 2 prison
There's been a definite trend towards combating cheating in mmo games of late. It makes a lot of sense really, nobody wants cheaters in their game and (besides the cheaters) nobody wants to play alongside them or fall victim to their exploits. There's been numerous attempts, across a variety of mmo games, whereby devs have taken on the cheaters by banning them, publicly humiliating them or, what we're seeing more and more frequently; boring them...
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Aug 20 2015
everquest 2 server consolidation
August augurs the start of the Everquest 2 server consolidation spree, bringing players from increasingly lonely servers together into combined servers.MMORPG developers have set a target implementation date of end of August for US servers "to start testing at the very least," according to executive producer Holly "Windstalker" Longdale in her monthly letter to the online rpg community. For other servers such as those in EU, Japan and Russia...
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Aug 04 2015