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  • Everquest 2: character customization

    Everquest 2: character customization
    Character customization in Everquest 2. The game was released in 2004. It would have been nice to have more options but it is not ...
    Everquest 2: character customization

    Everquest 2: quest indicator

    Everquest 2: quest indicator
    So look for the yellow ! to find a quest. Wait, all you see is that feather. That's right, feathers are quest indicators....
    Everquest 2: quest indicator

    Everquest 2: Gathering

    Everquest 2: Gathering
    Gathering in Everquest 2 is as simple as sticking your hand in dirt and pulling out.. leather?...
    Everquest 2: Gathering

    Everquest 2: combat

    Everquest 2: combat
    Everquest 2 uses the usual combat system that most MMOs use. If you have played any MMO in the past 10 years or so, you should be ...
    Everquest 2: combat

EverQuest 2 Tears of Veeshan behind the scenes Video

EverQuest 2 Tears of Veeshan behind the scenes Video

Everquest 2 Gameplay

Everquest 2 Gameplay

Everquest 2 is an award winning MMORPG game that has transferred over to a free to play model. Everquest 2 features beautifully crafted graphics and environments, as well as including a plethora of other popular MMORPG features and mechanics.

Everquest 2 is one of the most expansive MMORPG games ever to grace the internet, the game has been going strong since its original launch in November 2004. 7 years down the line, Everquest 2 has seen the launch of 6 content filled expansions, each bigger than the previous one. The game has accumulated over 5,000 unique creatures to battle against and there are over 8,000 available quests. All of this content packaged into a game with top quality graphics and environments.

Every MMORPG is more fun with friends and EQ 2 makes it easier than ever to find groups and get into dungeons. There's an easy to use dungeon finder that allows players to search for a party attempting the same dungeon, a simple click of the button will get you in the group, allowing players to log in and find a party within moments. You can also add fellow dungeon raiders to your friends list and attempt to form parties that way, yet another feature that makes it easy to get to attempt the hardest dungeons in the game.

EQ 2 boasts one of the most expansive character creation and customization systems in any MMORPG. Players can choose from 20 unique races, belonging to Good, Evil and Neutral categories. Each race is unique in appearance and is surrounded by lore and background stories. Even more expansive than the race system, is the class system. Players can pick from any of 22+ available classes, ranging from pure melee damage, to summoning classes and archers. This robust character creation system allows players to re-roll time after time, enjoying a brand new experience with each character they create.

Everquest 2 also features a great housing system. Players can choose the basic style of their house from quite a generous selection, making it unique from their friends. They can then select and design various parts of the interior using thousands of available items and furniture pieces. Houses also have a unique rating system so you can see how well your house performs against your guild mates and friends.

By Rachel Rosen


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