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  • Everquest: book

    Everquest: book
    Check your spell book to find new abilities. These can be dragged to your quick bar....
    Everquest: book

    Everquest: loot

    Everquest: loot
    Remember to loot items from monsters that you kill. Right click and look for that box on the top left of the screen....
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    Everquest: f2p

    Everquest: f2p
    Everquest may have been one of the earlier subscritpion based MMORPGs. It is now free to play with mictrotansactions. Here is one ...
    Everquest: f2p

    Everquest: death

    Everquest: death
    Cast spells on enemies until they are dead... or you are dead....
    Everquest: death

Everquest Gameplay

Everquest Gameplay

Everquest (EQ), developed and published by Sony Online Entertainment, is one of the first mmorpg games ever made. Everquest was released in 1999 and has an impressive amount of content. There are 18 expansions for Everquest. Adventures in Everquest take place in a giant world called Norrath. This world is inhabited by both mortal creatures and deities. There are good, evil, neutral, elemental and semi deities in the world of Norrath. Players can take any religion they like in Everquest.

Everquest free mmo starts with character creation. There are lots of possibilities. Races are divided into good, evil or neutral races. The good races are: Barbarian, Dwarf, High Elf, Wood Elf and Halfling. The evil races are: Ogre, Troll, Dark Elf and Iksar. The neutrals are: Drakkin, Erudite, Froglok, Gnome, Half Elf, Human and Vah Shir. Each race has its own story. Players can choose any race they like. There are 4 type of classes in Everquest. There are 4 melee classes: Berserker, Monk, Warrior and Rogue. Clerics, Druids and Shamans are the priest classes. The caster types are: Enchanter, Magician, Wizard and Necromancer. Then, we have the 5 hybrid classes: Bard, Ranger, Paladin, Shadowknight and Beastlord. This impressive selection allows players to create unique toons. Visual characteristics can also be customized. Depending on class, players can be tanks, dps, support or healers in Everquest. Norrath has more than 500 areas to explore. To gain experience and level up, players must complete quests. A good thing about Everquest is that there aren't any fixed questing paths. Players that want to start multiple characters have more than one questing option. The level cap in Everquest is 95. To reach the maximum level cap, players need to purchase Veil of Alaris expansion. Otherwise, they are restricted to level 90. After completing quests players learn new abilities, acquire gear upgrades and gain access to new areas. Players have the option to form parties and adventure into raids and dungeons for better rewards.

Everquest has PvE and PvP servers. On PvE servers, players are more interested in forming groups and take on game challenges. Players can still duel on PvE servers, only if both parts agree. On PvP servers, things are different. Players can get attacked any time. Usually, the leveling process takes more time on PvP servers. Everquest offers player and guild housing. Everquest is a free to play mmo with a cash shop and optional subscription fee. Some features are restricted for non paying members. There is a loyalty program that rewards players for keeping a subscription. Despite the fact that Everquest rpg is an old game, it maintains a loyal player base. Everquest still has content updates and new patched added.

By Rachel Rosen


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