EVE Online starts a boot-camp

By Tam Mageean
eve online training

All your friends were talking about it, everyone was playing it, it's an MMO that's winning awards left right and center, so you just had to try it. After a hefty download you got into the character design. Who shall I be? What shall I fight for? How should I look? You ponder for an hour or so, working on your alignment, and finally, at long last, you launch your little spaceship into the great unknown, in search of adventure!

After a couple of brief PvE missions you feel you know the mechanics and are ready to explore the universe, you've leveled up a couple of skills, have some loot, what could go wrong? Then, a little pipper hops up on your HUD, one you've never seen before; a loose item, floating in space. You move closer to inspect it, feeling like a Scavenger from Firefly, and once you determine the environment is safe, into the hold, your new cargo goes. You inspect your little stow-away, seems legit, why was it just floating there, out in space? Then, it finally hits you. The answer? Well, yes and no...what hits you is pulse beams from 2 massive battleships, who'd been waiting on some poor little n00b to take the treat out of their galactic mouse trap, and before you have a chance; it's over.

EVE Online Battle

We've all been there; this is the basic start-up sequence of any new player to EVE Online, who started the game, too late for the party. EVE runs a time-based progression system, meaning the longer-standing players hold huge advantages on new players. Add to this the incredibly complex and sophisticated meta-socio-political-economics of the game, and the dauntingly huge hardcore following it has, and you soon realize this game is going to have a steep learning curve for you, the poor, young grasshopper.

EVE's notorious aggression towards new players hasn't gone by unnoticed however, and CCP have finally decided to confront it, with their EVE Online training sessions. Starting today, the EVE Community Team are holding seminars, to teach new players their Warp Scramblers from their Warp Disruptors.

The first group of hour-long sessions, running from now until November 19th focus on PvP combat, hopefully giving newbies a chance to prevent themselves from becoming space dust.

Following the PvP lessons, the course will cover things like ship customization, piloting, teamwork tactics and earning ISK.

To take part in the tutorials, select them in the New Player Training Sessions channel in-game. If you've ever felt like this stellar MMORPG was just too far ahead for you to catch up, now's your chance to give it another shot!

EVE Online fleet


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