EVE: Valkyrie to preview at Sundance

By Tam Mageean
eve online sundance

Taking on a new tact, CCP have decided to preview the new installment of their EVE Online franchise at Sundance; a film festival, rather than a gaming convention.

EVE: Valkyrie has already made its debut appearance, turning up at the EVE Fanfest last summer, flaunting live gameplay footage and showing off some of the VR capabilities, but this will be the first time that the general public will be able to get their hands on the EVE upgrade, and experience space, and EVE, in a mmofps environment for the first time. It's a bizarre choice for CCP...could it be a statement? Is this the EVE team's way of saying that their Valkyrie experience is so visually striking, that it actually belongs amongst full-feature films? It's hard to tell, and nothing has spouted from the CCP headquarters about the method behind their madness, so we'll just have to wait and see.

EVE: Varlkyrie combines the theme and setting of EVE online with the gyroscopic, accelerometric experience of the up and coming VR device, the Oculus Rift. Anyone who's played EVE knows hit set the standards for mmo space combat back in the day, but the addition of the Oculus Rift means we can finally see and feel that space combat in glorious, full, 360 degree, surround sound, first-person mode, and experience the battle just as we imagined it. We've seen aerial fighters in the Rift before, with spectacular results, and can only imagine space making thins all the better.

The EVE Valkyrie preview can be found at Sundance, Park City, Utah from Jan 16th to 26th, and the full version is slated for release in 2014.


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