New adventure hinted in EVE Online's Rubicon expansion

By Tam Mageean
eve online stargate

EVE Online has a reputation for its incredible, community-driven depth. The entire EVE Online universe is governed by its players; entwined in a vast ecosystem of trade, currency, politics and economy. For this reason, the drama and meta-game in EVE Online has became a fantastic, separate entity from the original MMO, and attracts fleets of players; purely with the intention of getting involved in the EVE virtual world and commerce aspect, rather than the game itself.

However, CCP have an ace up there sleeve, with their new update: Rubicon, which looks like it may be able to bring gamers back into the main EVE canon, by beginning a huge, serialized adventure that will be trickled into EVE Online over the next few expansions.

CCP have revealed that EVE Online has a new agenda. Players will need to scavenge space for various artifacts, as the community embarks on a mission to build its first ever Stargates; unlocking brand new galaxies and some prime, intergalactic real-estate. Naturally, EVE's corporations will want control over the new space, so the space-race will be on; as rival conglomerates build and sabotage their way into building their own Stargates on their own turf, and reap the rewards of the new galaxies.

There's no knowing what will be on the other sides of those Stargates, some will lead to planets of riches, while others will lead to barren, inhospitable wastelands, which means a few wrong moves could completely turn the Nullsec power-battle on its head. We have a while to wait before the new galaxies will be unlocked, but the adventure will begin with the Rubicon expansion, which launches tomorrow.


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