Watch the EVE Online Second Decade Collector's Edition unboxing video

By Michael Jamias
eve online second decade collectors edition unboxing

Today is the shipping day for the EVE Online Second Decade Collector's Edition.

Judging from the official unboxing video below, CCP Games went all out on the production quality and design of this 20th anniversary edition.

Don't have six minutes to spare for this unboxing video? Here's a summary of the goodies you'll get along with a few of our comments:

- 1 scale replica of the Rifter (it's about the size of a booklet) which can be plugged into an upstream USB cable to serve as a 4-port USB hub for your PC plug-in accessories and devices.

- 1 in-game items code card for EVE Online, which will unlock all the exclusive digital freebies for the space sandbox rpg. Sized like a credit card so you can likely keep it in your wallet so real-life looters won't get to it. (Or, you know, just use it ASAP.)

- 1 mystery code card that grants one PLEX, and a line-up of accumulating rewards. Think of it as a loyalty card that continuously unlocks more items, ships and benefits the longer you play the MMO.

- 1 in-game items code card for DUST 514 in case you also play it

- Danger Game board game, the game that helped fund EVE Online during its infancy stages, now fully translated in English. If anything, it's a playable piece of videogame history you can proudly show off and even have fun with when friends come over.

- 1 "EVE into the Second Decade" book that's part history annals and part graphics showcase. Whether you want to know about the epic development story of EVE Online or just want to gush over sexy spaceship pics, you can be satisfied by this think tome.


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