EVE Online launches Rubicon 1.1 update

By Tam Mageean
eve online rubicon update

The EVE Online: Rubicon 1.1 update has been anticipated for some time. EVE Online: Rubicon first reared its head in November, promising a new age for the pilots of EVE, where they may claim the heavens as their own. With the 1.1 update, the intergalactic mmorpg is seeing some of the new features roll out, that will help you on your Empire-defying missions.

One of the most wanted updates in 1.1 is the Sisters of EVE Faction Ships; new tools of the trade, supporting extended travel in hostile areas.

The "Astero" Frigate, "Stratios" Cruiser and "Nestor" Battleship have been designed for the lone-wolf in mind. The sleek, white, windowless vessels will allow you access into the more hostile pockets of space, without the need of a fleet of backup. They all have additional cloacking, scanning and hacking tech, enough turret hardpoints to fend off guerilla attacks, and, for the Cruiser and Frigate class, bumper drone storage underneath.

If you're struggling to keep track of all of the ships and specs of EVE, the mmo has now also launched "ISIS" to help you out. The InterBus Ship Identification System, gives you an overview of each ship, its faction and role, and will even guide you down the appropriate skills paths to unlock them.

The balance between large factions and guerrilla splinter cells may also be shifted, as the update introduces the Rote and Hybrid Syphon units, which can latch to a POS and steal raw materials, relatively undetected; allowing you to leach a large structure, prior to making an attack.

Let us know what new Rubicon ships and structures you're looking forward to in the comments section below.


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