EVE Online shows price of defiance in Rubicon expansion trailer

By Michael Jamias
eve online rubicon expansion trailer

Four days to go before EVE Online releases its Rubicon expansion on November 19, and this new video highlights the growing defiance of individual pilots against the all-powerful Empires.

The Rubicon expansion trailer below gives one stark example of such impertinence to authoritarian oversight and control -- with a couple of pilots infiltrating a base to obtain top-secret information.

But pilots are forewarned: there's a price to be paid for such bold actions.

With the Rubicon expansion, developers of the space sandbox mmorpg want to stir up personal motives and erode the strong collective mentality that have so far dominated the game.

As depicted in the trailer, soloers and small bands of friends can now strike back and have a little more clout throughout the space online rpg with the clever use of new systems like guerrilla-style warfare and mobile structures.

Much support has been given large corporations until now, but the Rubicon expansion enables smaller, more fluid groups to  also take part in shaping the fate of the EVE Online universe instead of just being ignored at the sidelines of larger faction and alliance conflicts.

Other updates coming online with the Rubicon expansion include ghost sites, warp changes, certificate overhaul and major rebalancing of ships such as Marauders and Interceptors.


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