EVE Online Rubicon expansion launches

By Michael Jamias
eve online rubicon expansion launches

The 20th free expansion for EVE Online makes landfall, empowering pilots to strike out on their own.

The Rubicon expansion aims to bring out the bolder side of capsuleers, enough for them to start challenging the long-reigning power hold of the Empires. To do this, CCP Games has given pilots the ability to wage guerrilla-style warfare versus other players, raid their outposts, and even infiltrate deep into their controlled space to leech resources and cause significant havoc.

The Rubicon expansion launch opens up a new world of renegade opportunities, especially those who have grown weary of massively orchestrated corporation-led empire building. "Rubicon offers much for individual capsuleers and small-sized fleets looking to carve out adventure, profit and infamy within the nearly 8,000 solar systems of the EVE Universe," said CCP Games.

In addition, the space sandbox online rpg opens up new exploration content in the form of Ghost Sites, which are described to be lucrative and dangerous vaults hidden away in space by the pirate factions of EVE Online. These Ghost Sites contain powerful secret technologies that allow resourceful mmorpg fans to manufacture their own lucrative implants outside of empire oversight.

Pilots can also look forward to manning newly improved Marauder, Electronic Attack Frigate, Interceptor and Interdictor class vessels. These have been sent back for much-needed upgrades and re-balancing changes so they can fit into the current space fleet combat meta.

Rubicon is also envisioned as the first of many expansions that will set the pace as EVE Online enters its second decade.

“We are at the beginning of a multi-expansion arc that will forever alter the face of New Eden by offering players more power over the universe than ever before and setting them upon an inevitable path to ascension," said Andie Nordgren, senior producer of EVE Online.

We've re-posted the EVE Online Rubicon trailer to get you up to speed with the newly launched expansion:


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