EVE Online reveals Rubicon expansion

By Michael Jamias
eve online rubicon expansion

CCP Games shifts the scales of power back to indvidual pilots in the Rubicon expansion, the 20th for EVE Online.

Set to launch by November 19, the Rubicon Expansion rolls out "guerilla-style warfare" options for solo and small fleet raiders. This is markedly a move away from the big fleet focus that the MMORPG has been promoting with its alliance system.

What does this mean for game balance in the online rpg? Well, CCP Games enables individuals and small groups to create major moves in the game world without having to engage their whole alliance. Pilots will be given more weapons and means to fight against even the most established alliances, if they feel like it -- and have a chance of coming out victorious.

On top of encouraging guerilla warfare and sowing general chaos, The Rubicon expansion also introduces a set of mobile, player-owned structures outside the hangar. These structures can be used as a second headquarters for solo and group use.

The expansion also took the Marauder, Electronic Attack Frigate, Interceptor and Interdictor classes for some much-needed re-balancing.

CCP Games also introduces new certificate and ship identification systems that should help ease new players into the game. EVE Online is arguably one of the deepest and most complex online rpg games around, and these new systems should help you get the hang of it all.


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