EVE Online Retribution expansion strikes December 4

By Michael Jamias
eve online retribution expansion release

Less than three weeks before EVE Online receives its new bounty system and new ships to pilot throughout New Eden.

The final release date for EVE Online’s 18th expansion was revealed by CCP Unifex during a recent Veto player meet held in London.

The Retribution expansion introduces a new bounty system, which brings fresh intensity to the space sandbox rpg as pilots gain new avenues to exact retribution to law breakers in cooperation with the four empires.

New ships also pave the way for new roles for EVE Online pilots. The solid mining frigate produces better yield and carries higher ore capacity that should attract new miners with the promise of lucrative profits. Small craft fighters also receive support with new tech-powered choices.

Frigate-class ships will also be revamped for the Retribution expansion, soon offering more choices and specializations. The remaining sub-capital ships who have yet to get a facelift on upgraded textures
 will do so in this new content release.

The Retribution expansion even fine-tunes the Crimewatch feature, changing the way the aggression system works and solving some of its inherent problems. User visibility and understandability were given a high priority in order to shut down abuses that have made the nifty MMORPG feature quite unpopular among some pilots.


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