Major ship rebalancing in EVE Online’s December-set Retribution expansion

By Michael Jamias
eve online retribution expansion december

EVE Online plans to rework most of the frigates, destroyers and cruisers in what it calls “a tremendous game balancing effort” to bring new excitement to the space sandbox mmo.

Four new Tier 2 destroyer-class ships will also be introduced as the shiniest new behemoths in the online rpg. These ship changes and additions are scheduled to go live with upcoming 18th expansion, EVE Online: Retribution, due out on December 4.

“EVE Online: Retribution will shake the very core of the limitless game universe,” said CCP Games in a release. Aside from overhauling ships, the developer plans to revamp the bounty system that will soon allow players to name the price on the heads of individuals, corporations and alliances.  Actions will still have consequences though in EVE Online through the enhanced aggression flagging system called “Crimewatch.”

EVE Online is a notoriously player-driven rpg and these changes push the game deeper into that territory. Other MMORPG features due for a touch-up include NPC artificial intelligence, factional warfare, sound design and user interface.

"This is the perfect followup to a recent series of well-received expansions in which we've put even more control over the game universe in the hands of our players," added EVE Online executive producer Jon Lander. "Limitless human conflict and real consequences for your actions: sounds like a compelling dramatic setting to me.”


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