EVE Online's new Recall Program tries to win back ex-subscribers

By Michael Jamias
eve online recall program

Have all your friends abandoned EVE Online for other mmorpg games? Well, now you have a better chance of winning them back by taking advantage of the newly launched EVE Online Recall Program.

EVE Online Buddy Program artwork

CCP Nadir said pilots have long been requesting for the Recall Program, which grants current subscribers the ability to give seven days of free game time to previous subscribers who have been unsubscribed for six months or more.

"This will allow you to reach out to those players that you used to play with or against, and give them a way back into the game," said CCP Nadir.

The Recall Program was patterned after the "overwhelmingly successful" Buddy Program, which also grants a free extended 21-day trial to their friends who have not played the game before.

We think the Recall Program is a great move to re-ignite the passion of pilot who may have burned out or simply forgotten their love for the sandbox online rpg, and may fall in love with it again when they try it out again with spiffy new expansion content and improvements.

Players who send out Recall Program invites will receive a reward if their invite recipients re-subscribe during the 7-day free play window.

As of April, possible EVE Online Recall Program rewards include new clothing items, a new cosmetic ship skin blueprint copy for the Mackinaw Exhumer - The Mackinaw ORE Development edition and PLEX. (One re-subscriber equates to one reward.) But please note that there's only a maximum of three rewards per month with no carryover option, so you may want to space out your conscription efforts.


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