EVE Online Patch 1.3.2 rolls out Factional Warfare changes

By Michael Jamias
eve online patch 132 factional warfare

The October 23 patch marks another revamp for EVE Online’s Factional Warfare feature meant to encourage participation and foster balance in PvP.

“We have seen signs that waiting until December 4th for all of these changes would not be in the best interest of the warzones and the game,” said EVE Online developer CCP Games on why they have fast-tracked some Factional Warfare changes ahead of their initially scheduled release in December’s Retribution expansion.

Among the changes that could not wait to be rolled out was replacing the LP store price reduction from War Zone Control Tiers with an LP gain bonus, which should help alleviate the influx of cheap LP store items in the sci-fi online rpg and bring down the price of PLEX.

Increasing complaints in the MMO about non-combat evasion alts will also be addressed with a requirement for defending NPCs to be destroyed during the course of offensive plexing. This will first apply to current NPCs first and will be extended to new NPCs later on.

“AFK plexing was doing so much damage to the fun of the warzone and the economic impact of FW that we are best off to make the incremental change to the current system while we work hard to finish the new improved NPCs,” said CCP Games.

Additional Factional Warfare improvements are in development, including the much-requested feature to have plex capture timers count backwards to the default state when no players are contesting them, as well as having plex capture timers visible to everyone in the system so you can easily tell which plexes are close to being captured. These changes are expected to increase PvP opportunities in the sandbox rpg’s complexes.


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