EVE Online Odyssey expansion has gone live

By Michael Jamias
eve online odyssey expansion launches

EVE Online's 19th expansion Odyssey has shipped off, delivering an exciting new exploration system for the space sandbox mmorpg.

Scanning, hidden sites and discovery -- the cornerstones of exploration that have long encouraged pilots to venture into the unknown areas of EVE Online space -- have all been overhauled.

New systems have also been developed to make it easier and more rewarding for players to map out the vast galaxy. This includes the Sensor Overlay, an improved scanner with a slick and more user-friendly interface.

EVE Online Odyssey also shakes up the status quo by redistributing the stellar resources, which will mean a re-jiggering of diplomacy, disintegration of alliances resource wars erupt, and fresh volatility in the markets.

Pilots will also get to pilot brand new Navy Battlecruisers in this latest update, and control newly improved starbases with enhanced radial menus and probe formations to make the notoriously complex feature more accessible but still deep and engaging.

Given these changes, it seems as though the EVE Online Odyssey expansion is fixated in breathing new life to old systems that have lost some of their luster. It also appears intent on breaking down established paradigms in a bid for more dynamic player interactions throughout the single-server online rpg.

“Odyssey is about revisiting the original promise of EVE Online; a truly massive universe filled with danger, opportunity and wonder,” said Andie Nordgren, senior producer for EVE Online. “Yet the true excitement and drama comes, as always in EVE, from the interaction between players vying to attain the same goals. Odyssey adds fuel to that fire.”


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