Real-life EVE Online monument to rise in Reykjavik, Iceland

By Michael Jamias
eve online monument reykjavik iceland

EVE Online is a game that takes fan service to another level, and the developers for the game have revealed their latest eyebrow-raising feat: Erect a real-life monument dedicated to its MMORPG fans in Reykjavik, Iceland.

The concept art for the monument called "Worlds Within a World" is shown in this post's photo thumbnail, and will be constructed in celebration of the game's 10-year anniversary.

The EVE Online monument will be located in the "picturesque downtown harbor" of Reykjavik, the home of EVE Online developer CCP Games.

No word yet on how tall the monument will be, but CCP Games said what's guaranteed is that the structure will sit atop a half-meter tall metal-plated concrete platform containing all the names of all main characters of all active EVE Online players as captured by the system on March 1, 2014. Players who have passed away will also be etched on the platform as well.

The monument also boasts of cool features, such as a web-based application that will help find specific names on the monument‘s surface (in case you make a trip to the northernmost capital during the annual Fanfest for the space sandbox online rpg).

There will also be a laptop buried under the monument along with videos, messages wishes and more from the players and the development staff -- a time capsule of EVE's history so far and success.

“Our intention is to immortalize the contributions of the millions of people of the EVE universe in a way that extends beyond their immortality in our games“, said Hilmar Veigar Petursson, CEO of CCP.

“Honoring them as part of a timeless monument shows how virtual lives and adventures have reached a new level of meaning and impact that weaves into and enhances those that happen in this world."

"We are humbled by all those that have joined us on the journey so far, and it’s our hope that this physical piece will continue to gather energy and relevance into decades to come, becoming like EVE Online and outliving us all. “

The EVE Online monument will be unveiled on Wednesday April 30, which is the day before Fanfest 2014 kicks off.


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