The EVE Online monument has been officially unveiled

By Tam Mageean
eve online monument

As a testament to their fans and the sheer gravity of their space cruising mmorpg, CCP and the Mayor of Reykjavik have now officially unveiled the impressive, real-world EVE Online monument in Iceland, in-line with the annual EVE Fanfest convention.

Standing at over five meters tall, the epic monument features all of the active, paying players as of March 1st, 2014. In addition, the monument acts as a memorial, featuring the names of key players who have passed away after leaving their mark in the transcendent rpg, and even contains a laptop, in a time capsule, buried underneath the structure. The laptop contains a compendium of messages from the EVE Online fanbase and will be re-opened in 25 year's time, on May 6th, 2039.

EVE Online monument

The designer and sculptor; contemporary visual artist, SigurĂ°ur GuĂ°mundsson explained his inspiration behind the piece on the official EVE Online website:

"The title is Worlds Within a World. It alludes to a meeting of two different spheres; my art, which contains my existential point of view, melding with the world of EVE, another reality. Those two worlds are then reflected in a highly polished steel mirror which, aside from reflecting them, simultaneously mirrors the larger world fostering the two worlds and the identities within, joining them into one."

If you are one of the many players who has contributed to EVE Online, and feature on the monument, CCP have set up a handy name finder tool, so you can see your name in glorious, polished steel, on the monument.


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