An EVE Online history book is turning heads

By Tam Mageean
eve online history

It's well known, amongst the mmo community, that the EVE Online community extends far beyond the borders of the game itself. From the annual, democratically governed, Council of Stellar Management meetings, to the religiously attended EVE Fanfest gatherings and the economically transcendent mega-wars, such as the recent "Bloodbath of B-R5RB, which accrued an estimated $330,000 in digital damages, it's becoming pretty clear; When EVE Online shrugs, the whole world moves.

One freelance reporter feels that the impact of the intergalactic mmorpg warrants it's own history books, and yesterday, as a result, "A History of the Great Empires of EVE Online" commenced its Kickstarter campaign. 7.5 hours later, the campaign had successfully funded, and with a month to go, its looking like the mmo manuscript will certainly be one to watch.

EVE Online History

The Creator, Andrew Groen is putting in a huge amount of research and hopes to create a fair, unbiased view of the immense EVE universe, and its long and twisted, community created lore.

"I'm writing this because there is simply no way for people to learn the history of Eve, and it's getting more difficult every day. You can spend weeks reading through the Eve wikis, but they are largely incomplete, filled with jargon, and often written by people who are obviously writing a slanted, one-sided version of history. In Eve as in the real world, history is written by the winner, and winners make terrible historians."

Still under 24 hours old, the campaign is tipping the scales at around $20,000 - $8,000 above its $12,000 goal.


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