New EVE Online patch introduces dueling feature

By Michael Jamias
eve online dueling patch

Consented one-on-one combat invades the space sandbox mmo, as well as a host of other exciting features.

EVE Online patch 1.1 due out today, February 19, brings on the dueling feature, which will allow players to arrange solo fights without outside interference.

The dueling feature provides another avenue for pilots to test out their skills. Players can issue a duel challenge to a target. If the target accepts the challenge, then there will be a 5-minute limited engagement between the consenting fighters.

All existing Crimewatch mechanics will then apply to the dueling match, said developer CCP in a blog post.

On top of dueling, Patch 1.1 also rolls out a new module called the Ancillary Armor Repairer, which will be limited to one per ship. Black Ops ship owners should also spend some time poring over the tweaks that will be hitting their vessel type.

The corporation recruitment system will also see some major changes, including a revamped corporation finder and a “streamlined” management process for corporations. These were meant to help players in the space online rpg scout out corporations. Likewise, the changes will assist corporation recruiters attract the right kind of members.

The EVE Online server is expected to have a downtime 30 minutes earlier at 10:30 UTC. The server is expected to be back up at 11:30 UTC, with downtime lasting a total of an hour.


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