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By Michael Jamias
eve online comic issue 1 download

Drawing inspiration from actual player-driven events, the first EVE: True Stories comic titled "Thieves Among Us" is now available as a free download via Dark Horse Digital or Dark Horse Android and iOS apps.

What's so good about this comic book? It's rpg life inspiring art, as the graphic novel dramatizes the demise of one of the mmo's most famous player alliances, Band of Brothers.

Flipping through the pages of "Thieves Among Us", there's lots of action and intrigue, including gunfights and galaxy-shaping power plays.

EVE Online veterans will likely gobble up this comic without being asked to do so. But it's also a great read for casual fans who want to immerse themselves in the often brutally backstabbing nature of alliance play in the sandbox mmo.

Issue #1 is penned by legendary writer Daniel Way (of Wolverine: Origins, Deadpool fame) and features the artwork of Tomm Coker (Daredevil Noir, Near Death) with cover art by David Palumbo (ALIENS, Heavy Metal) shown in this post's thumbnail.

Thieves Among Us is the first issue in what will be a four-part book series. The three next episodes arrive digitally on a two-week basis on March 5, March 19, and April 2 -- all via Dark Horse Digital.

For true blue comic book fans, there's also the hardback prestige collector’s edition containing all four planned issues that will hit comic book stores and online shops starting June 4.


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