EVE Online graphic novel unveiled

By Tam Mageean
eve online comic

New York Comic-Con isn't usually the stomping ground for MMORPG's, but this weekend, 2 EVE Online Dark Horse publications have been unveiled. EVE: True Stories and EVE: The Source have both attracted the attention of comic book fans and are scheduled for launch from February, into April for True Stories and March for Source.

EVE: True Stories is a graphic novel, written by Marvel writer Daniel Way, known best for his work with Deadpool and Thunderbolts, and will feature a collaboration of different artists, including Dave Ross, Mark McKenna and Tomm Coker. The graphic novel will be a 4-part mini series, with a hardcover compendium slated for release late in 2014.

EVE Online True Stories

EVE: Source will be a 184-page hardcover source book, featuring some of the connective tissue from the realms of EVE Online and Dust 514; an essential for hardcore fans of the MMO. The book will be in glorious, glossy, full color.

EVE Online has a vast universe, with deep, sophisticated lore, and definitely deserving of some written tomes. Hopefully this will get a decent reception from the Wednesday crowd. Who knows? A small mini-series could easily lead into something much more serious, much like the Star Wars and World of Warcraft Series, that both became regular, monthly prints.

EVE Online Source


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