EVE Online marks 10th anniversary with 500,000 players

By Michael Jamias
eve online 10th anniversary

With half a million pilots still keeping it strong, EVE Online confidently celebrated its 10-year birthday as an acclaimed sandbox sci-fi MMO.

EVE Online has been swamped with events beginning May 6, which attracted new players and veterans alike, and led to a new record in peak concurrent user of more than 65,000 players connected to the same server simultaneously.

On top of the live events, pilots were also given special fireworks launchers munitions that could be equipped on their ships and used to light up the single sprawling persistent universe that has been the shared home for all players in the online rpg for the past ten years.

Pilots also received anniversary presents oozing with power and style, including character implants, avatar clothing and a Sarum Magnate frigate. But the piece-de-resistance in freebies takes the form of a Society of Conscious Thought “Gnosis” battlecruiser delivered to the hangars of all active subscribers.

EVE Online developer CCP Games is hoping to sustain the anniversary momentum with a series of bold releases in the coming weeks ahead. This begins with the concurrent release of the Uprising expansion for DUST 514, and then followed by the official of DUST 514 on May 14 that will deeply connect EVE Online to the free to play FPS game with synergies in player-driven planetary warfare. Then finally, EVE Online will launch its 19th expansion, Odyssey, packed with a revamped scanning mechanic and improved reward system for deep space exploration, on June 14.


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