Eve clarifies its terms of service

By Tam Mageean
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Eve Online recently made some controversial changes to its terms of service for the space cruising MMO, and after days of beratement from the community, CCP have stepped up to the plate to clarify, and justify, some of the decisions they have made.

Eve Online is well known for its proud community, who dedicate hour after hour of their own time into molding and upholding their game's community, economy and law. They even gather on a regular basis, holding seminars and conferences, to decide what's best for the greater good of EVE. As you can imagine, when a crowd like this have their terms and conditions pulled out from under their feet, without so much as a tap on the shoulder, they get pretty upset.

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EVE online is a tough game to break at this point, and can appear daunting and hostile to beginners, often getting scammed or ganked as they enter the hugely evolved stellar-system. Although these aggressive tactics upset newer players, they are a corner-stone in the upper tier meta-game, and when CCP made them bannable offenses in the terms of service, they threatened the memberships and reputations of many (if not most) of its established and loyal gamers.

CCP have stated:

"The rules applied have been buried in our naming policy and EULA but have now been placed in plain view in order to better help players to make decisions on how they interact with one another"

With this, all that can be said is that the rules have been there all along and have been made more prominent in order to keep the peace in the intergalactic RPG.

Will a peace-time era in EVE push people away? Let's just say; we'll keep you updated.


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