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EVE Online Project Discovery: Exoplanets
EVE Online is definitely one of the crunchier sci-fi mmo games on the market today, with some people referring to it as a spreadsheet-in-space. However, this is one of the reasons why it has attracted such a devoted following over the years and is still standing strong as a subscription-based game. Now the considerable resources of the players' brains are set to be used to help real world astronomers. The next phase of the EVE Online Project Disc...
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Jul 04 2017
EVE Vegas 2017 announced
One of the highlights that EVE Online players look forward to is attending the EVE Fanfest where they can mingle with CCP devs and other players to celebrate the sci-fi mmo that they love. Of course, it takes quite a bit of dough and effort to trek all the way to Iceland, but there is an alternative. Fans can get a similar experience by packing up their bags and heading to EVE Vegas 2017 instead. Personally, I think that there's a lot more to do ...
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Apr 10 2017
eve online free
After all of these years and all of the changes that we've seen across the mmo landscape, EVE Online stands as one of the few titles that has maintained a solid following without succumbing to any of the big fads and gimmicks that have came and gone. CCP's flagship title has kept its fanbase, along with its subscription service, while many others have fallen and cracked under the pressure of the free to play and freemium invasions of recent year...
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Sep 01 2016
CCP announces Gunjack Next
Virtual reality is fast becoming a major factor in online gaming. A number of mmo games already support VR, and it seems that more VR-based titles are being announced every week. The latest project is Gunjack Next, an action shooter set in the EVE Online universe and being developed by CCP. This game is a sequel to the popular Gunjack (which can be played on the Samsung Gear VR, Oculus Rift, and HTC Vive VR platforms) and is being developed exclu...
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May 18 2016
eve online 13th anniversary free weekend
Another year, another Capsuleer Day again in EVE Online as it turns 13 and continues as one of the longest-running mmo games. EVE Online executive producer CCP Seagull recorded a birthday message addressing capsuleers. She shares a few of her thoughts on the sci-fi online rpg becoming a teenager. "EVE turning teenager is an interesting milestone. For me, it marks the time when EVE has grown up to defy everything that's supposed to happen to onl...
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May 06 2016
eve online citadel expansion release
Territorial conflicts are about to escalate across EVE Online with vast system changes ushered by the new Citadel expansion. The EVE Online Citadel expansion, which is now live, gives pilots the power to build colossal cities in space where they can trade and defend their territories. Some of the largest ones can even offer super-capital ship docking bays, a testament to these structures whose massive size that the open world mmo has never ...
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Apr 28 2016
eve online fanfest 2016 livestream schedule
If you can't fly over to Reykjavik, Iceland for the EVE Online Fanfest 2016 happening in the next three days, then you will want to catch the livestream broadcast designed for remote viewing fans.April 21, Thursday, 12:00 UTC - CCP Welcome KeynoteApril 21, Thursday, 14:00 UTC - The EVE Keynote The EVE Online Fanfest 2016 livestream kicks off with the airing of the CCP Welcome Keynote address, which includes the opening ceremonies and updates...
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Apr 21 2016
eve online great war 2016
Hour-long fights, thousands of blown-up pilots and months of bloodshed ahead - this pretty much sums up the massive mmorpg conflict that has erupted in EVE Online. CCP Games has proclaimed that the next EVE Online Great War is upon us, with over 60 thousand players caught in the crossfire. Analyzing the current war data, developers highlighted that the recent March 28 Battle of M-OEE8 is the second-largest battle ever in EVE Online, just behind...
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Apr 01 2016
eve online project discovery update release
For the name of science! That's the battle cry heard round the EVE Online universe now that the Project Discovery update has gone live. The EVE Online Project Discovery update brings on the same-named science collaboration endeavor that asks players to participate in a minigame that classifies proteins from a massive database. With each minigame played, MMO players bring the real-world scientific research that much closer to understanding prote...
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Mar 10 2016
eve online suicide
We live in a fantastic age where there is now a strong tether between the digital world and the real world. This means a lot of doors have opened in recent years, allowing mmo fans to meet their gaming heroes in real life, connect with each other both inside and outside of gaming and, in many ways, change the world for the better. One such positive change has been the enormous amount of charity generated by online gamers, whether it's solo gamer...
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Feb 01 2016