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  • Eve Online: character

    Eve Online: character
    After fiddling with some of the sliders, this is my character. There are so many options to customize your character's look....
    Eve Online: character

    Eve Online: Skill training

    Eve Online: Skill training
    Instead of leveling up, you train skills by researching them. This takes place over the course of hours. Thankfully, your characte...
    Eve Online: Skill training

    Eve Online: Agents

    Eve Online: Agents
    Agents are, at least when you are starting out, your quest givers. Travel to an agent, accept a mission from them, and complete it...
    Eve Online: Agents

    Eve Online: Warp

    Eve Online: Warp
    Warp travel reminds me of the Mass Relay system from Mass Effect. Instead of having a warp drive on your ship, you fly to these st...
    Eve Online: Warp

EVE Online Gameplay

EVE Online Gameplay

EVE Online is one of the most successful space themed MMORPG games ever developed. Recently celebrating its 9th birthday, EVE Online has enjoyed a large array of content-filled expansions and provides players with features and mechanics that can't be found in any other MMO game.

Every player that begins their journey through the epic expanses of EVE Online starts as a trainer pilot in a basic Frigate. There are literally hundreds of different skills and abilities that players can train, and there are no restrictions in place. There's no skill trees, or preset classes, EVE Online delivers a truly free-form class progression system that gives players complete control over the future of their space-age pilot.

EVE Online doesn't use the stereotypical experience-based character progression system that every other MMORPG uses, instead the developers opted to use an entirely new way of leveling. The main core of the leveling is time-based, meaning you level over a certain period of time rather than your actions within the game. This unique system allows players to login, choose several skills and abilities to level up, and then log out. All the while their character is constantly improving and gaining new assets.

One of the greatest aspects to EVE Online is the community. Unlike other MMO RPG games that are hosted on dozens of servers across the globe, EVE Online provides players with a single server filled with hundreds of thousands of other players setting out to start their own career in space. There are 5,000 unique Star Systems that can be explored, all of which have been hand crafted to offer players a unique experience in every system.

Although EVE Online is a pay to play title, it does offer a free trial and some players are even able to continue a subscription without paying a cent. There are 2 forms of currency within the game PLEX and ISK. ISK is the main currency as players are given this for completing quests and selling items but PLEX is far more unique. Players can actually purchase PLEX points with ISK, and those PLEX points can then be used to purchase a subscription for EVE Online. A truly innovative feature that allows players from all walks of life to experience the wonderfully vast universe of EVE Online.

By Rachel Rosen


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