Pre-orders start for Europa Universalis IV: Conquest of Paradise

By Michael Jamias
europa universalis iv conquest of paradise preorder

We're off to the New World in Europa Universalis IV: Conquest of Paradise, the new expansion for the strategy mmo rpg now available for pre-order.

The expansion officially releases January 14 on the Windows, Mac and Linux platforms. Pre-orders and launch day purchases are available on Steam and other digital distribution platforms.

Paradox Interactive has released two videos that give you a sneak peek of the new expansion. The first is the Conquest of Paradise pre-order trailer and the second is a more in-depth Conquest of Paradise developer diary that gives a few tips and tricks to managing your Colonial States:

The New World was a term coined back in the 16th century to describe the Americas and other lands across the sea from the European continent. The European superpowers back then viewed the New World as a land flowing with gold, and thus sought to establish colonies from which they could send back riches to the homeland.

Europa Universalis IV: Conquest of Paradise tries to capture this period of trans-Atlantic colonialism. The expansion also allows you to play as a Native American nation complete with federation mechanics, and unique national ideas, buildings and events to make it a highly immersive experience.

Players can also slip onto the role of a Colonial Nation, and will even have the option to fight against their European overlords.


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