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europa universalis iv rights of man expansion
Power plays will intensify in Europa Universalis IV as it embraces the new Rights of Man expansion.The Europa Universalis IV Rights of Man expansion is the latest to be released for the historical strategy rpg, and it introduces small changes that make for more dynamic diplomacy. Players will get access to the new Great Power mechanic, which allows most developed nations to take advantage of expanded diplomatic options to either bully or ent...
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Aug 20 2016
europa universalis iv 1 million copies sold
Fresh from the glow of Father's Day, Paradox is beaming like a proud papa that three of its strategy rpg titles have reached milestone sales, including Europa Universalis IV hitting more than 1 million copies sold worldwide. The Europa Universalis IV 1 million sales achievement is made more impressive by the fact that it does not include sales of expansions and other downloadable content (DLC) for the core game. This news comes just as Europa Un...
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Jun 22 2016
europa universalis iv mare nostrum expansion trailer
Tides of change are slamming into Europa Universalis IV through its newly announced Mare Nostrum expansion. The Europa Universalis IV Mare Nostrum expansion, which means "our sea" in old Roman, refers to the tsunami of improvements and tweaks to the naval game mechanics of the strategy rpg. Players will find that the sea control will have a stronger focal point in the greater scheme of military and economic domination. In turn, increased comple...
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Mar 01 2016
europa universalis iv cossacks expansion
Europa Universalis IV pays tribute to the brave and feisty Cossacks in the strategy rpg's upcoming expansion arriving on December 1. Europa Universalis IV's The Cossacks expansion recalls the pride and independence of these European warriors, and takes that as a takeoff point for new features that enhance diplomacy. The expansion also gives mmorpg strategists new concerns to take care of during peacetime, adding more complexity to every moment o...
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Nov 11 2015
europa universalis common sense developer diary
We've come full circle in the pre-release promotions for Europa Universalis IV Common Sense, the upcoming fifth expansion for the strategy mmorpg. Paradox Interactive has released the Europa Universalis IV Common Sense final developer diary, and this last installment tackles the new parliament mechanics, expanded subject interaction, deepened internal development Project lead Martin Anward dissects some of the changes coming in the expansion su...
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Jun 05 2015
europa universalis iv common sense launch date
Paradox Interactive takes a page of inspiration from one of history's most iconic pamphlets for the new Europa Universalis IV update coming June 9.Called the Europa Universalis IV Common Sense update after the namesake pamphlet written by Thomas Paine during the American Revolution, this latest content packet introduces fresh tools for players to manage the growth of their domains. Religion and government gain new depths with the additions i...
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May 08 2015
europa universalis iv el dorado video diary
Europa Universalis IV: El Dorado is almost upon us so lead designer Martin Anward has thoughtfully encapsulated all the big changes coming in the latest expansion in a video diary. In this seven-minute Europa Universalis IV: El Dorado developer diary, Anward lays out the new mechanics for Central and South American native states, including three new religions that promise to challenge even the most experienced MMO monarchs.Exploration and cr...
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Feb 24 2015
europa universalis iv el dorado expansion announced
Europa Universalis IV brings the adventure and politics of the Spanish conquest and uses it to make the MMORPG more exciting with the announcement of the El Dorado expansion, which arrives next month.Players will be able to customise their starting nation in a campaign through the new National Designer tool. This means you can choose the starting capital, neighboring provinces, starting culture and leader before being bestowed the right to ru...
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Jan 20 2015
europa universalis iv art of war release date
Strife is about to stir both within and between nations at the end of this month with the release of the largest expansion yet for Europa Universalis IV called Art of War. Paradox Interactive has set the Europa Universalis IV Art of War expansion release date on October 30. It brings on a bigger map, more options and more history in what is being dubbed the most ambitious expansion out of the four so far for the strategy rpg title....
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Oct 10 2014
europa universalis iv art of war trailer
Paradox pumps up the excitement for its newly announced third Europa Universalis IV expansion, Art of War, by dropping the trailer during gamescom 2014.In Europa Universalis IV: Art of War, players will delve deep into the 30 Years War which saw increased friction between the church and state that leads to inevitable warfare. What does this mean for actual strategy rpg mechanics? Fans of the series can look forward to a revamped Reformation ...
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Aug 15 2014