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Build a truly historical empire in Europa Universalis IV, the strategy mmo developed by Paradox Development Studio. Players are the ruler of one of several hundred different countries in the latest installment of this acclaimed series. The game is set in the colonial period from the last days of the Byzantine Empire to the end of the Napoleonic era, stretching a total of over four hundred years. The player is the sole ruler of his land and it's up to him to steer his country to prominence through war, revolution, alliances, colonization, royal marriages, religious strife, trade, and more.

Europa Universalis IV is historically accurate as true historical events will occur, but the player isn't bound by history. If they are smart and ruthless enough, a tiny entity such as Venice may end up dominating the world. Unlike many other strategy mmo games, this one is a true sandbox and incredibly flexible. There are no pre-set victory conditions and it's up to the player to figure out which path is best suited for them. Players can create their own history and customize the game. EUIV allows players to customize and mod practically anything within the game and uses the Steam Workshop. Flexibility also extends to the player being able to pause the game or change its speed at any time.

Players can use warfare to push their agenda of global dominance against powerful historical figures, but there are other means to achieve your goals. You can use the new trading system in Europa Universalis IV and take control of vital trade routes, thus ensuring the flow of wealth goes into your royal treasury. If diplomacy is your style, you can use subterfuge, such as promoting rebels or influencing popular opinion, or forge alliances through the use of royal marriages.

Europa Universalis IV has a depth that players of strategy games will enjoy, yet the game's design makes it accessible to newer players. Players can choose to play solo as they seek to put their country on top or they can enjoy multiplayer action. You can battle against your friends or play cooperatively where up to 32 players join together to rule a single country. To facilitate multiplayer, this game features hotjoin, improved chat, new matchmaking servers, and support for standalone servers.

Europa Universalis IV is a strategy mmorpg where gameplay lasts hundreds of years played on a lush topographical map. The choices available to the player are almost endless as players can use many different methods, or a combination of such methods, to achieve their goal of global domination. Historically accurate, but with the sandbox ability to deviate as much as the player pushes, this game of empire building will appeal to both newcomers and old-time grognards.

By Jeff Francis


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