Eudemons Online Gets Romantic for Its Newest Expansion

By Josh Wirtanen
Eudemons Online Gets Romantic

Eudemons Online, the pet-based MMORPG from TQ Digital, is prepping fans for the upcoming expansion, Dawn of Romance.

TQ Digital got all lovey-dovey in a brand new press release: "The coming expansion, Dawn of Romance, will be released during the beautiful, warm summer, bringing you and your beloved the chance to have your own amazing dream wedding! Have you already found your special someone in EO?"

That's right, weddings are going to play a role in this expansion, including wedding planning and even having your children. The press release continues: "These romantic weddings are ready and waiting for those loving couples who are ready to take the plunge! Don’t worry if you’ve gotten married before, since previously married couples can renew their vows in a whole new way, one more time! The most exciting thing is that you can design the whole wedding yourself! Pick your favorite white dress, the wedding cake, and choose your wedding host. You can even choose to invite the big boss, Alamut, to be your wedding host!"

A trailer has also been released, which seems very much not romantic at first, up until the M.Night Shyamalan twist at the end. Well, watch it for yourself and you'll see what we mean.

The Dawn of Romance expansion is expected to launch later this month. Eudemons Online is free to play.


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