Eudemons Online cowers before the new Necromancer class

By Michael Jamias
eudemons necromancer class

The western-style fantasy MMORPG adds the feared overlord of death and decay to its class roster before the end of the year.

“The Necromancer Class is highly regarded as the master of death and commanding of undead servants. This class is feared by all other classes and as the level of the character increases so will the power of their spells and pets,” said Eudemons developer TQ Digital Entertainment in a release.

Arriving on December 28, the new Necromancer class will be the central addition to the upcoming Eudemons expansion "Cult of the Shadowed Sun".

The Necromancer will be able to go on the offensive or defensive by switching between Wizard Status and Necro Status. In Wizard Status, their magic greatly increases while the amount of physical damage decreases during Necro Status.

The Necromancer also has built-in counters against the powerful classes in the pet-based free rpg. During certain conditions, Necromancers are immune to Warriors and Vampire's Fatal Combo Attack. Necromancers will also have a special ability called Necro Realm which enables this class to sacrifice all kinds of Eudemons to gain points. These points can be used to summon 8 different Necro Spirits.

TQ Digital has earlier released the official teaser video for the Necromancer class, which has been re-posted below:


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